About Annette

About Annette’s Soul Creations

Annette’s Soul Creations was born from my love of travel, capturing experiences with photos, and sharing those experiences with the world. For years I have dreamt of putting those experiences on another love of mine, jigsaw puzzles. My hope is to inspire people to see the world while sitting at their table enjoying one of their favorite pastimes, puzzling. Please visit my website to see if any other products in my growing gallery strike your soul.

My first real experience with international travel happened when I was twenty years old. I was invited to hop on an ex-boyfriend’s college graduation trip to France with his parents. Up to this point I had never given international travel any thought. Vacations, while growing up, typically consisted of road trips to western National Parks, visiting relatives out of state and camping along the way. Never was there any discussion about getting on a plane or going somewhere where I couldn’t speak the language. Saying YES to this travel opportunity gave me a “Forever” travel bug and completely changed my life.

There are millions of ways travel has affected me but the biggest one is it constantly forces me to get out of my box, causing me to learn about the world and learn about myself. As a result, I feel I have become more open, flexible, accepting and curious about most things life brings. I am my best self while traveling. My smile couldn’t get bigger, I embrace challenges, am entirely in the moment, observing and experiencing.

One of the ways I observe is through the eye of the camera. My entire soul lights up when I find that perfect shot that captures what I am experiencing. Or better yet, one that allows me to see a new perspective through the eye of the camera. I still smile when I think about a photo I took of a cute little squirrel enjoying a potato chip as big as he was while stopped at a California west coast lookout point. Thinking about this brings back all the awesome and sometimes, not so awesome, experiences I had on my trip. I am constantly on the lookout for great subject matter, a cool perspective, or a story to be told that I can capture forever.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel. I love it so much that I want to share my experiences with others. My hope is that my photos, puzzles, notebooks, cards, blogs and more will inspire you to create your own experiences and encourage you to see the world.

(To learn about some of those things, Please visit my blog.)

Kangaroo Squirrel Collage